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TOPIC: בעית עיגול מחירים - זקוקה לעזרה

בעית עיגול מחירים - זקוקה לעזרה 7 שנים 6 ם ago #1

הי, נשמח לעזרה בבעיה -
In a web site that uses VM2, there was a need to raise all prices by 4.5%.
This was done using a Tax & Calculation rule, all products prices were given a rule of price increase +4.5000%
The price for the customer should be rounded to an integer. To do so, in the configuration section under pricing we have selected "Show Price" for Base price + Final sales price, with 0 rounding gidits.
The prices in the shop look fine, but we have a problem with the automated mail sent after the purchase, the TOTAL is fine but the price per each product is not rounded (for example it shows Price 228.86$, Total 229$)
We were suggested that there is a problem with the PHP, but we have an updated version - 5.3.23.
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